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i've got nine tails, and the middle one's for you, for aprilclash [1/3]

Title: i've got nine tails, and the middle one's for you
Pairings: chen/sehun feat. minor baekyeol
Rating: nc-17
Length: 13125
Summary: Sehun was sent back to save the earth but maybe he's the one who needs saving.
Warning: language, strip club locations, gambling, cringe-worthy sex, barebacking, blowjob; barely edited and non-beta'd
Author's note: I took some creative liberties with this au so, yeah.. special thanks to l, my friends at slw who cheered me on, and r who told me that i could do it. thank you for the prompt and i'm sorry i went totally off on it and if it's rushed.

Perhaps, one of the biggest mysteries that life has ever presented to humankind is the concept of being. Why are people born the way they are? Why don’t they have a say in what type of person they want to be or how they want to look?

And what about destiny? Is that truly something that can viewed in the eyes of the beholder? Who really gets to choose who lives and who dies? Is it possible to start from the depths of the earth, beneath rocks and dirt among the worms and the ants, and climb up to the sky to look down on such a tiny speck and say “I have created thee and so I shall do as I wish”? To be superior to mortals and turn your nose up haughtily because nature has whispered the secrets of the sun, moon and stars in your ears. She breezes the wind through your wispy veins and prays with the rain that you'll never part. She waves her hand over your eyes and soon your lids are thick with sleep. She loves you, she loves you, she chants. She will meet you again.

At least, that's what Sehun was promised when he had first landed on this wacky planet called Earth. He couldn't really recall his life before that besides the fact that it had been so simple compared to the flashing lights of modern society. But, like most things, Mother said that he was destined for something great and that was why he was revived and brought back. He was there to add meaning to his life. He was there to make a difference and then head straight home. He gave himself three days at the most because he didn't really want to stay on Earth anyways. That was his last resort.


So he's actually been there for approximately a year and five months. The transition from "his" world to the "human" world wasn't as bad as he thought, though humans were easily the stupidest creatures he had ever encountered. It was obvious to say the Sehun was anything but human. He was born a kumiho, a nine-tailed fox, some time ago. He couldn't remember exactly when, it was hundreds of thousands of years ago, but he knew that it happened because, duh, he was here. He was so...lonely, as much as he refused to admit it, but it was the truth. Humans did not live as long as him (a truth he had learned many years ago before his current settlement on Earth), but the thing that made it worse was that he knew he was the last of his kind. He hadn't met another kumiho in about four thousand years, but that was a story for a different time.

Kumihos were supernatural creatures that were usually thought to be mythical beasts. Naturally, humans assumed that they didn't exist but humans were stupid so they couldn't possibly be aware that kumihos existed. They were characterized by their keen sense of smell, beauty, and super strength. Their tears caused the sky to turn ash gray and for raindrops to patter against a bleary earth. They were shape shifters, meaning that they could adopt any form they chose. Sehun had opted for narrowed eyes and a long torso with legs that seemed to go on for miles. He kept his hair groomed and short, with silver bangs that barely brushed over his eyelids. His lips were a pretty pink and his skin was creamy white, randomly dotted with tiny moles, but otherwise unblemished. However, for a human, he was incredibly thin. His skin stretched over bones and his collarbones stuck out, and it all appeared to unhealthy in his eyes but was considered as beautiful to the humans.

Humans were so... weird. That was the only way he knew how to describe their strange customs and wacky obsessions. They were kind of like puppies. Cute. Energetic. They had this strange human smell that made Sehun wonder how often they showered and if they were even cleaning themselves right. And they loved everyone; they were so excited to see people, or so they pretended to be. They also had this habit of wandering off to anyone, or thing, that would show them attention. Humans were just...fragile things.

He'd landed on America's infamous west coast some time ago, welcomed by the spotless sunshine and endless blue sky. The first thing he did was get himself an apartment with Italian double doors that opened up to a view of the beach below. Often, he'd find himself on the balcony, in a loose white t-shirt that hung off his terribly broad shoulders, gazing down at the sparkling shoreline below. On some nights, the stars would glitter and he'd find himself falling fast asleep with dreams of his homeland. Other nights, he'd watch silly humans frolicking stark-naked all over the sand with nothing but the starry sky (and Sehun) as their witness. He'd watch with a lit cigarette (an ugly habit which he picked up from the locals) between his lips as they mated, much to his disgust, puffs of smoke followed by coughing fits bubbling out of his chest. A distant part of him, one that he kept under tight wraps, wondered how it felt to trust someone with their body completely. His almond-shaped eyes would narrow in concentration as he curiously pondered the thought of possibly being able to bare his whole self to someone else. How would they take it?

His suitemate snored loudly in the room adjacent to his apartment and he could hear him through the thin silk curtains. His name was Park Chanyeol and he worked at the surf shop right alongside the beach. Sehun closed his eyes and took another drag, allowing the smoke to fill his lungs until he could feel his lungs begging for fresh air before finally exhaling. Chanyeol always had a wide smile that showcased his straight pearly white teeth that he was so proud of. He was goofy and gangly with a teenager mindset despite the fact that he was twenty-two. Chanyeol was the typical human being, one that Sehun would typically label as foolish but he was also chivalrous in his own way. Loyal. Kind of like a puppy dog. He'd always be the first to wave at Sehun from across the street or invite him for drinks when it obvious that they weren't anything close to being friends.

The closest person he had that he could even consider to be his friend was a young man named Yixing. They’d met about two months after Sehun had settled into his new home at a supermarket where Yixing worked. His eyes grew big and he pointed at Sehun, lips quivering as he quietly muttered, “K-k-kumiho.”

Sehun just squinted back at him in confusion, something he had mastered as a result of gossipy shoppers and questionable stares, but Yixing refused to back down. The line started to back up and the buzzing of quiet whispers started to get louder so Sehun shot the confused-looking cashier a dirty look, grabbed his groceries and stormed out of the place. He cornered him after his work ended and whisked him away to a nearby cafe. There, he found that Yixing had the eye, an ability that would allow him to see mythical beasts though he would often pass them off as hallucinations. Needless to say, the two surprisingly hit it off quite well and Sehun would frequently visit Yixing whenever he could at his second job at the animal shelter somewhere on the outskirts of the city. Sometimes he’d tell Yixing about his old home while they fed the puppies or took them out on walks, and Yixing would tell him stories about his childhood and how difficult life was with the eye. A lot of people thought he was nuts, Sehun thought he was nuts. He made a mean hot cocoa though so that was nice

Sehun stubbed the butt of the cigarette against the metal railing of his balcony, not caring so much that it stained the chipped white paint with smudges of ugly, black ash, and stared off into the ocean once again. Why was he here? Why was he called back to life again? Unknowingly, the cigarette slipped between his fingers and fell down onto the dimly lit sidewalk below, scattering pieces of ash and smoke everywhere.


A month later he hit the road because Chanyeol couldn't stand the California air any longer. Naturally, the boy suggested Vegas, and the two (Yixing regretfully declined and claimed that he had to take care of some relatives even though Sehun knew that was a big fat lie) decided to rent themselves a car and hitch a ride down the middle of nowhere until they reached Sin City. They found themselves wandering the deserts in Chanyeol's beat up 1969 Chevrolet Camaro until the two of them made it to Las Vegas, a place rumored to be the destination where dreams were laid to die each night with each run on a slot machine and thirst was quenched on the sweaty hips of near naked dancers.

Once they had stepped onto the Vegas strip and into Venetian, Chanyeol made a beeline for the open bar, muttering "I need a drink" under his breath. This left Sehun alone and very confused but he somehow found himself seated at a poker table. There were cards scattered face down across the velvet covered table, the thick scent of cigarette smoke and old lady perfume swirling into the already constricting air as he found himself seated around a group of unfamiliar faces. Not that he had expected to know any of the people. He peered around the room which was filled to the brim with brides-to-be and her cohorts. Two elderly women sat beside him preening over their cards like pros as the dealer smiled a beautiful smile that was so fake that he had to wrinkle his nose out of revulsion. Her fingers were quick to shuffle the cards as the lights danced off her long, scarlet fingernails. She gave him a subtle once over, eyes raking over his lanky frame as if attempting to predict what kind of player he was based on his looks. Sehun was dressed to kill though, a crisp white dress shirt clothing his back and black jeans that clung to his legs like a second skin. He'd turned a few heads walking in but that was just the kumiho glamour working its way to the human eye.

A voice calmly spoke from the intercom, "Ladies and Gentlemen, a round of applause as our winner heads up to collect their reward." However, the speaker could barely be heard over the loud buzzing of gamblers who lined up at slot machines and played never-ending games of poker and roulette. On the other side of the floor, blue neon lights illuminated the bar which was filled with people seated on dark leather stools whom were hooking up or otherwise alone. Chanyeol stood out like a sore thumb in his t-shirt and ripped skinny jeans but somehow he still managed to "get some". Her hair was long and wavy, complementing her white ruffled mini-dress that did a bad job of covering her thighs (not to say that was a point judging by the way that the material totally rode up her curves that Chanyeol seemed to be grabbing onto for dear life). They were kissing in such a manner that it was borderline pornography, something that deemed acceptable and encouraged since nobody said a word. Maybe they were too drunk to notice or care so Sehun simply rolled his eyes and focused back at his table.

Sehun had watched enough James Bond films and movies about magic to know that everything that happened in Vegas was all a part of some big facade. It was all some type of mind trick to get the victim to hope that they could achieve success. He stared in fascination as the women around him played their cards, groaning as they pushed checked multicolored chips into the middle of the table. They smiled widely despite their losses and screeched filthy insults across the table, tossing more money onto the table, more chips, it was never enough. Hope. That's what Vegas thrived on. Hope was what they sold.

Once he decided he had seen enough rounds, he gestured towards the dealer and asked to be included in the game. The women cheered proudly around him, scooting closer to create a more intimate gathering. Sehun found his clothed legs rubbing against bare skin as the ladies smirked innocently from across the tables. The woman with the red nails dealt the cards once more and he held his breath as he picked them up, a confident curve forming on his lips as his eyes flicked back up to give everyone a playful look.

"Alright, let's begin."

Truth be told, he actually had a really shitty hand but that wasn't going to stop him from winning. He couldn't lose, it wasn't in his blood. He had to always come on top, always, even if it meant he had to cheat. Everyone around him instantly froze. His heart thrummed and his eyes curved into tiny crescents as he stood from his seat and leaned over to flip through the deck of cards, picking out the cards he knew he needed in order to win. As soon as he stole what he wanted he sat back down and blinked again. The room started buzzing again with loud noises from slot machines and chatter from around the floor. Curious eyes shone on either side of him as they all ultimately decided to lay down their cards. Sehun did so with a flourish and watched as the dealer gaped, clearly confused because the cards he put down were obviously not the cards that she had given him. He met her eyes proudly, nodding upwards as if to challenge her. She shook her head and wet her lips, proceeding to shuffle the cards once more at the defeated protests of the women around the table.

Ten rounds later, he was still on his winning streak and he could tell that the dealer was getting annoyed because he wasn't supposed to be winning. She'd been shuffling the deck endlessly in ways that Sehun knew she was specifically taught to do, but time and time again he still won. It was so much fun watching them try to figure out his luck even though it was anything but luck.

"Another round?" He asked innocently, the corners of lips tugging up to one side to give her a lopsided smile, but she ignored him and refused to hand him anymore cards. He rolled his eyes and shrugged at the action, choosing to get up and collect his winnings instead of making a scene (but that didn't stop him from giving the card dealer the finger). He had to check on Chanyeol anyways.

It wasn't a surprise that Chanyeol couldn't be found at the bar and hadn't paid for any of his drinks. Sehun sighed annoyedly and tossed a couple hundred at the visibly upset bartender, and scanned the room for any sign of his "friend". Running a hand through his hair exasperatedly and closed his eyes, blocking out any of the irrelevant noises. He hadn't used his super hearing in forever but-

"Ah" His eyes snapped open. Chanyeol. He frowned to himself. Wait, was he moaning? Sehun facepalmed and groaned at his sudden realization as he made a mad dash to the nearest exit. Only seconds later he found himself in front of a shady, blacked out building with a bright pink neon sign that bore the words "THE PINK PONY" stuck sideways on the wall. The name was also plastered all over the doors and on an acid pink sculpture of a wild looking horse that was awkwardly placed directly at the front of the venue (Sehun figured it was probably a drunken decision). Upbeat music poured out each time both sketchy men and women walked out the doors. They wore lipstick stains on their skins as though they had been branded (somewhat like ponies) by the beasts within those four walls).

Yeah. Chanyeol had walked into a strip club, and Sehun dreaded what he knew would happen next.

Sehun honestly should have just left Chanyeol at the strip club to rot but he actually needed a ride back to California because he didn't know how to drive. He wrinkled his nose as he pushed the door open and was immediately greeted with sound of electronic music pounding in his ears. He nodded at the bouncer who yelled something back but he couldn't concentrate. As he slipped through the throngs of people surrounding him, he could feel sweaty bodies rocking to the rhythm of the beat constantly around him. It was environment hazed by alcohol and it almost made him wish he had a drink in his hands right now. A lazy smirk found its way to his lips as he found himself drawn to the dance floor, his brain subconsciously addicted to the strangers pressing up against him as the strobe lights shone over him. He was pushed forward since everyone seemed to be crowded around the stage where two men could visibly be seen dancing seductively on elevated platforms. Clothing appeared to dangle off their hips with every beat drop. Their bodies rolled in fluid motions which were hypnotizing. He admired their synchronization, something he supposed was lost on everyone else in the room since they all just tried to get a better look at the dancers' asses.

If there was a single word to describe the place it was..... pink. Pink cages, pink drinks, pink lights, pink stools, pink.....furry things that were hooked around some people's wrists that Sehun didn't couldn't name but they were weird. He whipped his head around to look for Chanyeol but he wasn't anywhere in sight.

A pair of hands cupped his butt, giving the cheeks a light squeeze, and Sehun threw his head back to give the offender and annoyed look that could have been directly translated to "in what world, sweetheart?" But a black haired boy, one that was shorter than him for that matter, only grinned back at him, smoothing the palms of his hands over the curve of his ass. Sehun bit his lip, it was kind of disgusting in a way because a stranger was feeling him up, and he raised his brows at the boy, stomping down on his toes extra hard.

The boy winced in pain, his knees almost bumping into Sehun's, and glared, "Hey, what gives man? Aren't you a stripper?"

Sehun narrowed his eyes and nodded serenely, "Newsflash, big boy, I'm not." He was about to turn away again to fight his way through the crowd to look for stupid Chanyeol when he noticed said friend corned up against a wall by a tiny chestnut haired guy, probably someone who worked at the Pink Pony, dressed in leather pants and a pink mesh top. They seemed to be dancing together intimately- lots of rolling hips, and it looked good according to the way that Chanyeol's eyes were screwed up with his lips parted.

The butt-groper followed his gaze and nodded in realization. "Ahhh, cheating boyfriend?"

He glanced back and did a double-take before looking over at Chanyeol again with an evident frown on his face, "What- no, I'm not gay."

The stranger snorted, "That's what I told my mom." He held his hands up innocently and adopted a high pitched tone, "Geez mom, gay sex doesn't make you gay!" He dropped his hands and rolled his eyes, "Honestly, the sooner you get out of the closet the better it is for the both of us, man."

Sehun ignored him and pushed his way past several people to approach his friend, but the booty boy stopped him, "Hey hey hey, stop trying to run away, your giant friend over there was the one that said you needed to get laid."

He squinted in confusion but the boy only shrugged innocently. "But I have to get Chanyeol because we have to go." It almost sounded like a whine and he regretted it as soon as the words left his lips because the last thing he wanted was to sound desperate. If only he could teleport back home (despite the fact that he didn't really have a place that he could call home).

The boy only gave him a childish pout and slid a hand around Sehun's slim hips. "Well maybe Chanyeol doesn't want to go yet." He gave him a knowing look before pulling him closer and continuing as he licked his tiny cupid's bow shaped lips. "Maybe I don't want you to go yet either."

Sehun didn't fight his hold this time and opened his mouth to speak but the boy only pressed his index finger to the other's lips. Soon, he obeyed and fell silent, causing the stranger to chuckle.

"Now while Baekhyun takes care of your friend, I'll take care of you. How about that? It's a fair trade-off, right?" He linked his arm with Sehun's and led him across the lit floor through the masses of people. Various shades of pink lights flashed over them until they reached another bar which appeared to be on the other side of the room. They sat down on the plush high stools that were conveniently aligned extremely close to one another, causing whoever sat in them to practically sit in their neighbor's lap. As soon as they were seated, the stranger leaned across the counter and smiled, "Let's get you some drinks, shall we?"

Sehun gulped and knew that this was going to be a long night.


He woke up the next morning with a raging headache and no recollection of what had happened the previous night. He wasn't sure how many drinks he had last night anyways or who had taken him to this dingy hotel room. Sehun didn't know why he accepted the offer in the first place, but it may have been the secretive stars in the stranger's eyes that burned holes into his mind as he gladly took one drink and another until he blacked out. It was a look that made him so curious. Being a kumiho didn't seem to exempt him from experiencing a horrible hangover; in fact this was his first hangover. God, he needed a smoke. And where the hell was Chanyeol? He shivered at the sudden gust of wind that breezed through the thin curtains and brushed over his bare shoulders. The white sheets had been bunched across the bed messily with the blanket strewn over the floor. Sehun sighed and ran his hands through his hair, wincing slightly at the dull pain in his abdomen as he turned to stick his legs over the edge of the bed. Clothes were scattered all over the vaguely stained caramel carpet.

"Need some water?" A cheerful voice called from the doorway, causing Sehun to flinch and glance up in both surprise and the general loudness of the sound. He wished he hadn't looked because it was that same butt guy from last night. Perhaps the lighting had been really bad that the club last night since he never noticed how high the boy's cheekbones were, or how he seemed to always have this smile that came from the edges of his eyes.

Sehun knew he'd regret asking but he nodded softly, a warbling "yes please" leaving his lips as he flipped onto his back once more. The boy brought over a glass and a couple of pills, nudging the taller's legs with his knees.

"Up, up." The bottom of the glass scraped against the wooden table as the boy set it down to pull Sehun up to force some pills down his throat, tipping his head back to get him to down a glass of water. Sehun sputtered and spilled water all over the two of them, causing the boy to burst into laughter which led Sehun to scowl at him.

"I know it's a bit late but I'm Jongdae." He stuck his hand out for Sehun to shake but Sehun could only stare at his tiny fingers. Sehun grunted his response and turned away, hugging a blanket to his chest. Apparently Jongdae wasn't going to have any of that because he leaned right into Sehun's face and gleefully teased, "You weren't this stubborn last night, ah- what was it that you said?" He pulled away and stroked his chin as Sehun gaped at him in horror. "What? You mean you don't remember?"

"You sure talk a lot for someone who wasn't asked." He bit his lip and kept his mouth shut but continued to frown at the shorter boy who was cracking up. Immature.

Jongdae lifted his hands up in surrender, a broad smile plastered across his face; it was a kind of smile that for the first time Sehun couldn't tell if it was real or fake. "Is this my cue to leave?" He gestured towards the door, not seeming at the slightest bit unsettled.

Sehun's eyes narrowed but Jongdae's face wasn't one that could be read easily. Could it be that his hangover was distorting his supernatural abilities? So many questions crossed his mind that he stayed silent, something that the shorter boy understood as "yes, I don't want you here, please get the fuck out of my room or so help me god" (only because Sehun looked as though he was attempting to take control of his mind).

"I'll see you around, yeah?" Jongdae seemed so hopeful, it was weird. Wasn't he a prostitute or something?

"Let's hope not." Sehun muttered under his breath. He knew Jongdae heard, but the boy didn't look like he cared at all at the remark.

He had one foot out the door. "Oh yeah, about last night, it's on me." A wink later and he was out the door.

As soon as he'd left, Sehun let out a sigh of relief and got up to gather his belongings in peace. One by one, he started to slip back into his clothes and shoes, checking his appearance out in the mirror beside the door. Five seconds later, he realized something was missing. Sehun turned out his pockets calmly and confirmed his suspicions.

It seemed like he was going to have to see Jongdae again tonight.

Sehun found Chanyeol scarfing down breakfast in the diner downstairs. Compared to Sehun's disheveled appearance, he actually looked quite fine. There was no sign of his previous adventures from the night before. He slid into the seat across from him, startling his friend who started to choke on his sausage. Sehun snags a couple pieces of scrambled eggs off his plate before questioning him about his whereabouts.

"So did you get some last night? You kind of disappeared, I was about to call the police to report a missing child." As soon as the words were out of his mouth, he noticed that Chanyeol's cheeks started to flush.

Chanyeol chewed on his food carefully, as if mulling over a possible response before replying, "Says the one who was dragged away by some cat looking boy thing." He looked straight into Sehun's eyes. "I guess I should be asking you if you got some last night." Chanyeol smacked his shoulder playfully and gave him a wink. "I know you got laid, how could you not? So was he good– cause Baekhyun was ah-MAZING, he did this crazy thing with his tongue, goddd." His eyes rolled back at the memory and Sehun squinted at him in obvious disgust. The last thing he needed right now was details on Chanyeol's sexual encounters. Imagining Chanyeol having sex was enough to make him vomit. It was like picturing his grandparents (if he had them) having sex.

"Listen, we need to go to that club again." He cut Chanyeol off mid-sentence about the milkiness of Baekhyun's thighs and his tiny pink lips.

His friend nods. "Sure, but why? You don't have a crush on that guy, do you? He's not in love with you Sehun. What he did with you last night was only his job..."

"Yeah, but he's a good fuck." Chanyeol gave him a knowing grin and a pleased clap on his back.

Tags: #round 2015, pairing: sehun/chen
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