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Swing my heart across the line, for synchronizity

Title: Swing my heart across the line
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Girl!Sehun/Kris
Length: 5,500+wc
Summary: Being coerced into an arranged relationship was never a part of Sehun's plan even if she really should have seen it coming. Falling for Kris Wu wasn't in her plan either, and she should have seen this coming, too.
Warning: Multiple genderbent characters and implied girl!Sehun/Kai.

"Why can't I marry one of you two instead?"

Tao looks up from where she's checking her own makeup and gives Sehun an incredulous look. It's an expression that she has thrown in Sehun's direction countless times in the past hour, judging every word that comes out of her mouth, and by now, Sehun really should try to keep her mouth shut.

"Don't be ridiculous, Sehun," Lu Han says before Tao can. The lighting inside the car is dull at the very best, but the red of Lu Han's dress still glares at Sehun. Lu Han's voice, however, is surprisingly calm and just as smooth as the material of her dress, given the amount of time Sehun has spent whining. Sehun slouches further into her seat and continues to frown. "Neither of us are heirs to multi-billionaire companies."

"That doesn't mean I have to get married to some guy--"

"Kris Wu is not just some guy, Sehun-ah," Tao cuts in forcefully. Sehun's scowl deepens. Tao's in a black gown tonight--she's always in black, to begin with--which has a slit on the side that reaches up to her upper thigh; it suits her. "He's smart and extremely good-looking. He's also--"

"He's also the key to Oh Corporation's entry into the Chinese market."

"--yes, well, that too."

Sehun looks down at her hands with slight guilt making itself known in her conscience. Arranged marriages are extremely common in both the lowest and highest of classes in the economic hierarchy, but that doesn't mean Sehun has to be happy about it.

"I don't want to marry someone I have only seen a total of seven times," she mumbles, dejected. She smoothes down the creases forming on her gown as he speaks. It is lavender in color, sleeveless and just barely brushes the floor when Sehun stands up--custom made, just for tonight.

"You're not getting married yet," Lu Han says, brushing a few strands of hair away from Sehun's face. "It's just an engagement party. There's no way Uncle would miss the chance of making it to the front page."

"Whose father are you talking about?" Tao asks with narrowed eyes.

"Well, both," Lu Han says with a laugh. Among the three girls, Lu Han is the social butterfly. She is the one who had introduced Sehun and Tao to each other initially, when both the girls were still in high school and hence, neither of them were surprised when she'd revealed that she knew Kris, too, and his family.

“We’re here.” Tao moves to help Sehun stand up and Sehun stumbles a little as she gets up. She takes a deep breath to stabilize herself and thinks of her parents waiting inside the building, and of the reporters present at the event. She thinks of new beginnings and making the best of every situation and takes a step forward.

Content or otherwise, Sehun has a responsibility to fulfill.


"I want three grandchildren," is how Mrs. Wu decides to greet Sehun. Sehun tries to smile at Mrs. Wu politely who is in a navy blue gown tonight. The contrast of her pale skin against the fabric makes her glow under the too-bright lighting.

The ballroom itself is extremely picturesque: it's a sight straight out of a magazine, or a fairy-tale even and Sehun wonders, looking around with slight awe, if this is how she's going to live from now onwards, seeking pleasure from the smaller details of her life.

"Don't be so greedy, mother," a voice cuts in though, before Sehun has the chance to come up with a proper reply.

Behind Sehun, Lu Han lets out a string of delighted laughter that Tao punctuates with a loud, 'ha!,' both clearly pleased by the situation. Everyone around her seems to be in high spirits, especially her two friends.

Sehun turns around, already aware of who the owner of the voice is, but still feels surprised at the sight that greets her. Tao wasn’t exaggerating when she claimed Kris to be good looking--Sehun could validate that much herself, but seeing Kris in a casual button-up and a crisp suit are two entirely different phenomenons. Tonight, in a jet black suit, Kris looks good up close. The kind of good that's slightly hard to look away form.

His dark brown hair has been styled away from his eyes and his deep voice leaves a resonating sensation against Sehun's skin as he charms his way into the conversation. Kris compliments Sehun's mother first, then greets his own mother before teasing both Lu Han and Tao politely. He stands the closest to Sehun throughout the conversation.

"The hair color suits you a lot," he says, bending down to whisper in her ear as they drift away from the group and Sehun's spine turns rigid in an instant. “Brown looks good.”

"Not so soon," Tao chimes, stepping between Sehun and Kris with a cat-like grin and Sehun heaves a sigh of relief. It's not that she dislikes Kris, not really, she doubts anyone would ever dislike Kris' presence. It's just that she has no idea what to say to him when there are ears listening to her every breath.


There are four suitcases in the car that drives behind Sehun's, carrying all of her belongings as she makes her way to her new house. Their parents, it turns out, think that the sooner she moved in with Kris and the sooner she got to know him, the better things would be.

Sehun, of course, fails to find a way to reject the idea.

There are no flaws in Kris that she has met so far, none significant enough to hold against him anyway and, even so, they were going to get married sooner or later, she reminds herself.

"I am sorry if this is all happening a little too fast," Kris says after he has made sure that all of her belongings have arrived safely.

His condo is located on the better half of the city, a three-bedroom apartment high enough to overlook half of Seoul. The house is grand; it has high ceilings and white on black furniture, accentuated with bits of blue. Sehun looks around the place, a little fascinated, instead of looking at Kris as he talks.

"Don't apologize," she says. "None of this was under your control."

"But unlike you, I've had a while to prepare myself for it."

"Um, well," Sehun begins and pauses, holding her tongue. Of course, Kris has had the time to prepare himself--Wu Enterprise has been at the top for four generations now. Kris' future had been decided for him when he was an infant, at most. Sehun's family, on the other hand, has only been doing well for around a decade. There was no way to predict she would end up like this, not until a few years ago.

Sehun wonders if she should take a seat by the dining table and sit on the chair with her back straight and a gentle smile on her lips, or if she could slouch against the couch in shorts that are too short to wear in public with a t-shirt and scowl and frown and whine. Because suddenly, Kris is no longer just the son of her father's friend, he's no longer just a face at corporate parties. But he also not a friend the way Lu Han and Tao are. He is suddenly, unexpectedly, a presence that has been singled out from everyone else.

"Your room is down the hall, to the left," Kris says when Sehun doesn't say anything. Sehun turns around to look at him with pursed lips, feeling slightly guilty.

Kris is making the effort Sehun isn't, not quite yet. He's putting in the effort to ease her in while Sehun is doing nothing more than taking up space. She looks at Kris, still in his crisp black suit, and wonders how he manages to radiate even in the normal lighting of the room. "My door is the one opposite to yours," he says. "You can call me if you need anything."


"Oh, and you have your own bathroom, too, but there's only one kitchen," he continues, smiling at Sehun before tugging her luggage down the hall. Sehun picks up her backpack and trails behind him.

"Do you know how to cook?" he calls, leading the way.

Sehun feels her face heat up. "Not really--"

"I'll do the cooking then."

Sehun pauses to look at Kris' retreating figure with wide eyes--she'd always thought that Kris would have to be spoiled to some extent, that he probably didn't know what his kitchen looked like.

"Now go on, get comfortable, sleep. You're probably tired, Sehun."


Sehun wakes up to smell of eggs frying the next morning.

"You made breakfast?" she asks as she walks into the kitchen. The kitchen smells good--there's sunny side up eggs and waffles and fresh juice. Inviting. She takes a seat on the kitchen counter and Kris hands her a plate.

"I did mention it last night," Kris says, turning around to look at Sehun. He picks up a plate himself and leans against the counter opposite to Sehun.

"Well, yes, but--"

"Why?" he asks, with narrowed eyes. Sehun finds it amusing how Kris has so many words this early in the morning. She feels ever more intrigued at how his habit of cutting her sentences doesn't tick her off. "You don't like it?"

"No, it's not that," she says, swinging her legs. Her feet hang a few inches above the floor. "It's better than what I was expecting."

"Does that mean... you like it?"

He looks hopeful, almost, and Sehun wrinkles her nose playfully. "I do," she says, adding, "I guess having a personal chef wouldn't be that bad."

Kris looks up at her then, really looks at her, his face a mix of slight confusion and shock and Sehun only belatedly realizes what she has said. She opens her mouth, about to take it back and apologize when Kris begins to chuckle, wide eyes turning into slight crescents as he looks at Sehun. He brings a hand up to cover his mouth as the deep, resonating sound continues to fill the space between them.

The breakfast clears up the atmosphere greatly, all second doubts leave Sehun’s head the same way the food on her plate does. Sehun still doesn't have a lot to say to Kris but they take a step closer to becoming something like friends, slipping into comfortable silence from then on.


"So how are things going with Kris?" Lu Han asks when they meet up two weeks later. They're at a cafe near the university which Sehun and Tao attend--a small place with pastel colors that don't match with the buzzing of its occupants.

"Good," Sehun says, looking at the assortment of pastries in the display before her. "Yeah, good."


"Good,” Sehun affirms.

"Well, that's great," Lu Han says. She sounds skeptical though, as if she doesn't completely believe Sehun and it makes Sehun nervous.

“Why did you drop by?”

"Oh! I have a friend who's starting up a dance thing," Lu Han says. Sehun frowns at that, Tao mirroring her frown from across the room. Picking up her cup of coffee, Sehun begins to walk towards the table where Tao is waiting for them. "I wanted to ask if you're interested," Lu Han continues, "I know you were really into dancing back in High School."

"So, like a dance troupe?"

"Something like that." Lu Han takes a slow slip from her own cup of coffee then, letting the words sink in. "It's just him and another guy for now."

"Who are you talking about?" Tao asks. "Yixing?"

Lu Han nods at the name with a cheery smile but it flies right about Sehun's heard. She has never heard the name before and thus, has no way of knowing how well the guy might be at dancing. She doesn't know if it's worth asking Kris in case the troupe can't dance well.

"Mhm. You wanna join?" Lu Han asks. "We can join together."

Sehun purses her lips and doesn’t reply.

Later that night, when Sehun brings up the topic in front of Kris, he replies with an enthusiastic, "that sounds good!" Sehun had spent the entire evening preparing to be shot down while slightly hoping for a reluctant sigh of agreement at best. But not this.

"Are you really sure you're okay with this?" Sehun asks again after dinner, just to be sure.

"Why wouldn't I be?"


The inner turmoil seems to pay off when Sehun steps into the dance studio a week later with Lu Han and Tao on her heels and is greeted by the sound of a deep bass vibrating the floor under her feet.

Yixing’s movements are rough and strong but Jongin’s spine moves in ways that draw Sehun in instantly. She watches, fascinated, as the duo move in perfect sync, and Sehun has seen a lot of street dancing back when she was in high school but she's never seen anything as good as Yixing and his friend, Jongin.

"We'd be honored to have you dance with is," is what Yixing tells her, and it feels a lot like stepping into a new world, or maybe stumbling into a room Sehun didn’t know existed in the mansion. It’s enchanting and far more inviting that Kris’ home-cooked breakfast then and Sehun easily finds herself spending extra time in the dance studio instead of at Kris’ condo.

Consequently, one change leads to another, and soon enough dinner no longer consists of text books sprawled across the coffee table but instead of boisterous laughter over Chinese take outs with Lu Han, Yixing and--and Jongin. Tao joins them sometimes, too, on the days she has Wushu practice and the small holes in Sehun’s life gets filled.

Some nights, Sehun returns home to cold food on the kitchen counter with sticky notes full of smiley faces and sincerity that makes her nauseous almost instantly.


Sehun wakes up early one morning to the sound of metal clinking loudly in the house. She stumbles her way to the source of the noise, at the crack of dawn, in a pair of shorts, a tank top, nearly tripping on thin air as she steps into the kitchen sleepily.

"Shit," Kris curses as a greeting, bending down to pick something Sehun can’t see. She raises an eyebrow at his diction.

"What happened here?" Sehun asks, making her presence known. She's never heard Kris anything more that carefully excited.

"Oh, you're awake. I am sorry if the... commotion woke you up."

"It's nothing," Sehun says, eyeing Kris carefully. "What’s going on? What are you doing?”

“Dropped my breakfast.”

Sehun tilts her to the side a little, wondering how they’d gotten a point where Kris wasn’t the one asking the questions. It’s almost as if he has retreated in his efforts to involve Sehun in his daily life, like he has called back all his troops when Sehun wasn’t paying attention and forfeited the war. It's been nearly two weeks since they've eaten together, two weeks since Sehun began dancing, two weeks since Kris chose to not wake Sehun up to eat with him anymore. Sehun wakes up to an empty to house and fresh breakfast on the counter.

“Why don't you wake up me up in the morning anymore?"

"Um. Well," Kris begins, looking slightly uncomfortable, hesitant, and that's a first. "I figured it's better you catch up on your sleep," he explains. He brings an arm up to rub at the back of his neck and Sehun's eyes follow the movement closely. "Tao mentioned that you've been practicing a lot for... some show?"


While dancing does cost a good chunk of Sehun's energy, it is entirely her choice to stay back later after dinner with Jongin to work on her dancing. Sehun isn't sure if it's because she's hungry or if the unpleasant rumbling in her stomach is because she feels guilty for spending time with someone who isn't Kris. She shouldn't feel bad, because they haven’t done anything wrong. She doesn't need to feel guilty, but does anyway.

"Course-work has been hectic," Sehun says instead. It's not a lie, and it's better this way, Sehun thinks, at least she wouldn't disappoint Kris further. "I end up working on assignments with Tao in one cafe or another before heading off to the dance studio."

"Yeah?" Kris sounds genuinely interested.

"Yeah, you should see some of the dancers. They are amazing."


"Yes." Sehun says. She can feel the beginnings of a grin slipping onto her features. Kris never really pokes around in Sehun's life. "I love the--"

Sehun pauses thoughtfully.

"Hmm?" Kris turns around from where he’s is picking up the pieces of a broken plate and moving them to a trashcan. He looks at Sehun with a gentle raise in his brows, eyeing her clothes and then her mouth.

"Actually," Sehun says. She wonders if-- "There's a dance showcase coming up in a few weeks. Will you--will you like to come watch?"

This is the first time she's inviting Kris over to her side. It's a little scary; opening up to Kris like this, without him even trying to invade her personal space, was never in her plan. But plans be dammed, Sehun thinks, watching Kris’ bewildered expression morph into a huge grin as he looks at her. "Of course, I would love to."


Life is full of obstacles though, and sometimes good things are followed by bad luck. That is how Sehun tries to convince herself at least, when, one week before the showcase, she sprains her ankle. One bad landing and she finds herself cocooned with blankets and a worried Kris trying to make her feel better.

"Are you sure you're feeling okay?" he asks, taking a seat by the foot of the bed. He sounds so worried that it makes Sehun chuckle.

"Of course," she says. "It's not that bad."

"But you were crying."

"No," Sehun denies immediately and Kris looks extremely unimpressed.

Sehun let a few tears escape when pain had shot up her leg, taking her down instantly but Lu Han had been the one to call Kris, frantically asking him to pick her up on a Sunday night, close to midnight. It's nearly one in the morning now and Sehun reminds herself that Kris has work the next morning--he should be sleeping instead.

"I am better now," she insists, sinking further into the pillow underneath her. "It'll be gone in a few hours. You should go sleep."


"Go sleep," she says again, more forcefully this time. "You know you have to be up early--"

"So what?" Kris snaps. "I am not leaving, Sehun-ah."

"Why?" Sehun asks, the volume of her voice lowering down to a whisper.

Kris doesn't have to do this. He doesn't have to do this, Sehun repeats to herself. She doesn't like depending on her friends, much less Kris who's been trying to hold Sehun's hand since day one. It doesn't help that she wants to hold his hand too. She's treading on thin glass here.

"How can I just walk out and sleep?" Kris asks back. He doesn't sound angry at all and that surprises Sehun further. His words are sincere, whispered into the air that surrounds Sehun, curling up against her skin. "You're injured and I am not leaving."


"Hey, wake up."

Kris lets out a soft whine when Sehun nudges him on the side, mumbling and groaning as he bats Sehun's hands away. It's cute. "Wake up, Wu," Sehun says again, watching Kris open an eye to stare at her. "Wake up or I'll stand up on my bad leg and shove you into a cold shower myself."

"Alright, alright, I am awake," Kris says, straightening up with a laugh and Sehun's hand stalls for a moment. She can feel his deep voice against her skin. Kris doesn't notice though and stands up to stretch his muscles out, asking, "are you going to take a day off?"

"I think so," Sehun says, looking away from the strip of skin revealed as Kris raises his arms up.

"That's good, you need to rest," he says and Sehun looks back at him happily, smiling. She realizes that this is how they grow closer: feeling more comfortable by just spending time around each other. There aren't many words required.

"Should I take a day off as well?" Kris asks.


"You know, to make sure your ankle is okay and--"

"You'd take a day off for--for this?" Sehun asks, making wide gestures to point at her ankle and then at herself. She's still in her dancing attire--sweat pants and a sleeveless top; it's messy and unruly.

"Why not? Kris asks.

"But what about work?" she asks, shoulders sagging.

Don't be greedy, she tells herself, this isn't something she can be greedy about.

Don't be greedy, she reminds herself when Kris calls someone up to inform them of a 'sudden emergency'. Don't be too greedy, Sehun reminds herself when Kris brings up the idea of watching a movie together.

Sehun tries to scrunch up her nose in the same endearing manner than Kris does. "You wouldn't happen to have any Disney movies, would you?"

"You'd be surprised," he says and Sehun nods, impressed. "Are you going back to dance again?" Kris asks, making room for her to sit on the couch comfortably. They've got a copy the new Disney movie, and a big bowl of popcorn squished between her body and Kris'.

"Yeah." Today is Monday then-- "The showcase is in five days, shit."

"Is your ankle going to be okay?" he asks again as the movie buffers. They've pulled all the curtains close--it's dark, save for the light that comes from the widescreen.

"It's already okay," Sehun says, getting up without warning. Kris almost jumps forward to hold her in place, but Sehun doesn't need help. "Look, I can stand. And dance, too."

She does a pirouette with her good leg to make Kris feel better--a move she'd learnt from Jongin himself--maneuvering her body around in a small twirl before turning around to smile at Kris. Kris eyes widen significantly as his eyes slowly travel up Sehun's body and rest by her eyes. "I've never actually seen you dance before," he says.

Sehun can hear the beginning credits of the movie in the background playing. This is more interesting. "Would you like to see some more?" Sehun asks with a grin.

"Yes, I--"

"There's one condition, though," she says, grin broadening as she smirks at Kris. They've taken the liberty to cut each other's sentences more frequently now. Sehun doesn't need to hear the rest of the sentence to hear Kris say, 'yes, I would love to.' She offers Kris a hand, saying, "you have to dance with me."

Kris' smile falters in an instant. "T-that, no, that might not be such a good idea," he says but Sehun holds her hand out nevertheless. "I can't dance to save to my life."

"Don't be ridiculous," Sehun says with a scoff. "You're getting married to the most amazing dancer next fall," she says confidently. The words no longer have a bitter aftertaste. "You must know how to dance a little."

"I really don't."

And it takes Sehun about thirty seconds to realize that he really doesn't. It's worse than having two left feet, because Kris doesn't stumble and step on Sehun's toes. Instead, he accidentally elbows her chest instead. In a very ungraceful manner at that. Sehun finds herself curling up into a ball a second time within twenty-four hours.

Kris looks very, very apologetic when he offers her one peace offering after another. Promises to never dance again, and to cook for her for the rest of their life, seven lives. Promises to do whatever Sehun wants him to do and then, reluctantly, promises of asking Lu Han to teach him how to dance.

Sehun laughs it off, feeling herself fall a little for the way Kris smiles at her when she forgives him, and how his eyebrows rise and his nose scrunches up when she stands back up and asks him to dance, movie long forgotten.

Kris complains throughout the whole ordeal, but the smile never leaves his face.


"I want to dye my hair," Sehun tells him the weekend after the showcase.

It's an extended weekend, Monday and Tuesday off for some public holiday and they decide to spend it the same way they had spent the previous weekend: ditching their own bedrooms to camp out in the living room instead as they work--Kris on an upcoming presentation and Sehun on her final thesis for her Bachelor's Degree. It has taken them almost three months to get to this point.

"You want re-dye your hair?" Kris asks, looking up from his laptop and eyeing her brown hair. She hasn't done anything to her hair since the engagement dinner, but her hair has grown a good few inches in the three months. Sehun wants to get her hair cut into something different, and dyed, too. "Do it then?"

"No, no," Sehun says, putting her computer to sleep. She pulls her legs up and swings them over the arm of the couch, lying down on her back. "I want pink hair."

"Oh," Kris says. He's sitting on the cough adjacent to the one Sehun is lying down on. "Pink hair. Wow. When do you plan to get it done?"

"I don't know?" Sehun questions. "I mean, wouldn't it be too much? A head-full of pink in a crowd of people with dark hair?

"You don't want to stand out?" Kris asks, the crease on his forehead deepening.

"Not really? I am not eighteen anymore."

There's a pause. Kris stops typing and Sehun turns to look at him. His long sleeved v-neck reveals too much skin, she thinks vaguely, eyeing the way his un-styled hair falls on his eyes. "Should I dye my hair a lighter shade too?" he asks.

Sehun almost chokes.

"I don't know, I've always wanted to know how blonde hair would look on me." Kris grins lopsidedly and Sehun swears she hears a violin playing in the distance.

"Oh my god," Sehun mumbles under her breath.


jongin asked me about u, Lu Han texts her when Sehun skips a day to go out with Kris instead.

oh? Sehun texts back an hour late. It's almost midnight.

did u lose interest or smth?

i was never interested, Sehun types, annoyed.

what happened to running away with ur prince, kid?

She thinks of how she'd been fascinated just by the way Jongin had walked towards them and laughed when Tao had threatened to break his bones. She thinks of Kris, long limbs and lost coordination and the laugh that leaves goosebumps on her skin. In hindsight, everything is clear as crystal.

i don’t like jongin, Sehun types next.



"You know, Kris," she begins that night. Sehun hadn't even thought about Jongin in a long, long while but it gets her thinking. "I wonder how my parents would react if I disappeared one day."

"Disappear?" Kris asks. "Like, run away?"

It's a small joke she'd shared with Lu Han and Tao once, about how she'd run away if the boy her parents had picked turned out to be unlikable. They'd talked for hours that day, about the kind of people they wanted to spend their lives with. "Kind of," she says. "Is it weird that I am thinking about it?"

"Not at all," Kris says with a grin. "Unless you're planning on running away from me?"

"No--" Sehun panics.

"I am kidding," Kris adds hastily. He laughs again out loud and Sehun closes her eyes to listen to it. It's loud and unguarded. "But most people don't have enough money to just get up and run away."

Sehun nods.

"Luckily, we're not most people."

Sehun sits up with wide eyes. "You're not saying that--"

"Why not?" Kris asks with a grin. It sets Sehun's stomach in knots instantly, both the smile and the thought of Kris agreeing to all of her bad ideas in a heartbeat. He has taken to indulging Sehun like no one ever has before. "I already took a day of this month when your ankle was injured, but maybe next month?"

"Are you really serious," Sehun drawls. Lu Han is the one who knows her best but even she never agrees to her ideas. Not even Tao, who is much more gullible.

"We can spend a few days eating unhealthy food, or something. How does a beach sound?"

"You want us to go on a holiday," Sehun repeats slowly. "Without telling anyone else?"

"Sure, why not," he says, putting his computer aside and walking over to sit next to Sehun. His legs rests against Sehun's comfortably. His arms rests comfortably against the back of the couch as he slouches into it. "It sounds good."

"Why would you do this?"

"Why are you always so surprised?"

"Because this is--" Sehun pauses to take a deep breath. "This isn't something you have to do, you know?"

"I don't have to do anything but live under the same roof as you for a couple years. I don't have to cook for you or make sure you're getting enough sleep. I don't have to sleep by your bed when you're injured, Sehun-ah." Kris says the words slowly. It doesn't sound like a confession, not really. There is nothing to confess. It sounds like he's making a statement instead, because Sehun has known this since the very beginning.

"I can't dance to save my life but you love dancing," Kris says. He looks away, embarrassed. "I am doing all this because you like it, Sehun-ah.”

"I am doing this because I like you."


jongin isn't the prince, Sehun texts Lu Han later that night when she can't bring herself to fall asleep. Lu Han texts back in less than a minute.

i realized, and then: good luck girl!


"I like you," Sehun says as soon as Kris steps in their house.

"What?" His tie hangs loose around his neck and his hair has been messed up as if he fell asleep on the way home and the urge to initiate more physical contact has been growing inside of her for a while now.

"I like you, too, I think," she says, taking a step forward, excited. "A lot."


"Yeah," she says, bringing her arms up to take Kris' tie off for him. They're standing close, so close together that Sehun finds it slightly hard to breath. Kris looks surprised himself. He looks slightly unsure, but he's also grinning from ear to ear so Sehun thinks she must be doing something right.


"Get up."

"No," Sehun growls and turns away from the source of voice. She groans a second time at the sudden lack of warmth and turns back around to curl up against the body next to hers, throwing her arms over Kris’ waist and sighing contentedly.

"Wake up," the voice says again, trying to peel Sehun’s arms off. "I have to be at work by 10 AM latest. Do you want to do this or not?"

"Do what," Sehun mumbles, cracking an eye open to glare up at Kris, whose smile simply broadens after having caught Sehun's attention.

"Dye our hair together, of course," he says with a smug smile. It takes Sehun a whole minute to process his words, and when she does, all she can do is gape. "You have 15 minutes to get ready."

"Oh my god," Sehun says, rolling off the bed.

Kris is sure he hears her mumble a, "you're perfect," somewhere in there but Sehun insists later, as they sit in a hair salon at seven in the morning that she had said, "I hate you," instead.

Tags: #round 2013, pairing: sehun/kris
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