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Started from the bottom 3rd December, now we here!


mod perfectiontales:
And the second round comes to an end! The largest of hugs and the sweetest of kisses go to chuyeol for picking up the exchange and leading it with grace. Another shout out for all the wonderful pinch-hitters: baeksthighs, wufall, lightbrakes, chenshines, exollent, fallentoofast, zeraiya, blowshard, eberlue, for stepping in and helping out when it was needed most! Lastly, a huge thank you to all the writers and readers for making Ohunlimited's second round a huge success! Until next time! ♡

mod chuyeol:
OMGGGG guysssssssssss. Hey hey hey. THIS HAS BEEN A WILD RIDE. I don't know how many times I started panicking and thinking, 'this is it, the exchange is gonna fall around my ears,' but somehow there was always someone dropping an email or checking in or @'ing us saying we were doing a good job and I just. I'M SUPER GRATEFUL.

This whole business has gotten sweaty at times but the response each fic has gotten, and the exchange in general, is really overwhelming and I'm so glad that I decided to accept perfectiontales' invitation to co-mod. It might sound cheesy but I've learnt a lot, and I think maybe even grown a little, from this experience, and I hope to show a more mature and responsible side next time, if I mod anything again. u_u

I want to thank perfectiontales, of course, for giving me the chance to do this and always answering promptly whenever I had any questions or doubts about what to do next, and thanks also to R, A and H. Of course thanks and gratefulness to all the participants as well. you guys were super cooperative, responsive, keeping us updated. Most of all, without you, this exchange wouldn't have happened! So thank you. Thanks to the pinch-hitters, especially those who literally wrote for less than a week to barely a day during postings - I have no idea how you guys did it, but please keep being unbelievably awesome. Y'all are the bees' knees, and chiller than the cat's pyjamas.

I know I haven't been too supportive and commented on many fics yet but wait for meeee I will do the thing as soon as I can! And here's to an amazingly rad round of ohunlimited, and to the next ones, too!

Now! We had a few bumps in the road but we have arrived, at least, on schedule; so without further ado, what we've all been waiting for-- THE REVEALS!


#01. imminent disasters: what you get when you're plastered | by chuyeol for ceruleanquill | Sehun/Kai • 10,817 • PG-13
“I can’t hurry this, man, I’m shitting!”

#02. Quand on veut, on peut; (When One Wants, One Can) | by tackwoon for unit94 | Sehun/Kai • 4,960 • PG-13
Jongin takes in a deep breath and inhales love.

#03. Chip In Care, Pitch In Love | by daeseol for joongierotic | Sehun/Baekhyun • 10,116 • PG-13
Sehun asks for a teaching assistant but he gets more than what he wants, probably just what he needs.

#04. Secret Stars and Summer Wishes | by nachtegael for latinaeinstein | Sehun/Suho • 36,655 • PG-13
Sehun has been looking forward to spending time with his nephew Tao, but his summer break plans did not include volunteering alongside the (cute) kindergarten teacher, Joonmyun.


#05. a lesson in smuggling | by baeksthighs for bluedveins | Sehun/Kai • 3,220 • PG-13
Who knew helping smuggle a kitten into your dorm could bring you closer to your crush?

#06. wild eyed turning 'til we're running from it | by androidmin for bluedreaming | Sehun/Xiumin • 6,839 • PG-13
Sehun’s bucket list takes him to Tokyo and coincidentally, Minseok.

#07. Elevator Rides (Make You Mine) | by storyscribbler for EVERYONE | Sehun/Kris • 2,291 • PG
Having an older brother might have been the worst thing for Sehun. That is until he unconventionally meets his brother's best friend.

#08. you're 20/20 in my eyes | by carpesoo for daeseol | Sehun/D.O • 37,529 • PG-13
How to avoid replacing your best friend’s glasses (that you broke) because he looks hella hot without them on?


#09. be with me | by baekthighs for EVERYONE | Sehun/D.O • 4,100 • R
“I'm in love with you. There? Is that what you wanted to hear?”

#10. Colour Palette | by erasehun for EVERYONE | Sehun/Chanyeol • 3,200 • NC-17
Sehun sees the world in black and white, but when he meets him; his world becomes iridescent.

#11. second star to the right (and straight on 'til morning) | by wufall for EVERYONE | Sehun/Tao • 2,233 • PG-13
For Oh Sehun, life in space wasn't what she thought it would be.

#12. I'll wrap up my bones and leave them | by bluedreaming for missepeolatry | Sehun/Chen • 2,350 • NC-17
There are secrets, there in the back woods.


#13. Kitchen Sink Symphony | by bluedveins for storyscribbler | Sehun/Kai • 5,353 • PG-13
Sehun sets out for Paris in hopes of becoming a great pâtissier, and discovers a little something extra along the way.

#14. Strange Sunsets (and Stranger Hearts) | by in_coherency for EVERYONE | Sehun/Luhan • 8,027 • G
Paris, as it turns out, is spectacularly underwhelming. (aka the one time Oh Sehun implements his life's exit strategies, and it doesn't even offer him a way out)

#15. wanna make you feel beautiful | by wufall for joonhi | Sehun/Chanyeol • 2,054 • PG-13
Chanyeol knew that something wasn't quite right.

#16. Your Sound | by tsuruhime for skyroll | Sehun/Chanyeol • 3,488 • PG-13
Sehun is voice actor Kim Jongin's biggest fan.


#17. Between The Shelves | by missepeolatry for carpesoo | Sehun/Jongin • 8,619 • PG-13
‘John Green? Really?’ Is written on the note and at that moment, Sehun wants nothing but the ground to swallow him whole because oh my god someone saw me reading a John Green book my whole life is ruined there goes my reputation I’m sorry parents I’ve brought dishonour onto the family, Sehun thinks with increasing alarm and horror.

#18. Sick Thrills | by exollent for EVERYONE | Sehun/Jongin • 2,200 • NC-17
Sehun’s neighbour next door is a little too unsettling. Alternatively, Sehun and Jongin are hired killers.

#19. The Pikachu Theorem | by januarys_lovers for legozai | Sehun/Jongdae • 24,842 • PG-13
Nice guy with really cute mouth sucks dicks in exchange of pikachu toys! Call me~~

#20. Slippin' Down A Chain Reaction (Gimme Benzedrine) | by mangialots for fallentoofast | Sehun/Kai • 3,005 • PG-13
Sehun likes to think he doesn't give a shit about everything and everyone around him. Enter Jongin, the weasel that taunts Sehun like the devil's spawn he is. All of this though, is said in the most affectionate of ways.


#21. the law of cause and effect | by skyroll for tsuruhime | Sehun/Chanyeol • 15,026 • NC-17
In a perfect world, Sehun is wide awake.

#22. saudade | by allpowerfullou for kojafras | Sehun/Chanyeol/Kris • 11,639 • NC-17
Oh Sehun had never gotten used to being wanted.

#23. All Roads Lead Home | by kojafras for allpowerfullou | Sehun/Chanyeol/Kris • 12769 • NC-17
Sehun only cares about his own, but Kris changes his mind. (Mob!au)

#24. Paper Birds | by fairyminseok for afiremess | Sehun/Minseok • 10, 571 • R
All Sehun has ever wanted is his happy ending.


#25. all is fair in love & brostep | by joongierotic for chuyeol | Sehun/Kyungsoo • 3,541 • PG-13
they were two halves of a whole, attached to the hip by some unbreakable bond of friendship and budding bromance, as chanyeol liked to put it, because when kyungsoo passed the university of his choice, sehun made sure he did, too.

#26. Here in Your Arms | by unfinishedwing for androidmin | Sehun/Tao • 5,331 • PG
Sehun doesn’t want to settle down. Sehun doesn’t want a lot of things – but Zitao makes him reconsider. Post college AU.

#27. you don’t have to be lonely tonight | by joonhi for tackwoon | Sehun/Kai • 4,294 • PG-13
Sehun doesn’t think his life has any kind of meaning until Jongin walks into it and shakes things up.

#28. we are young, we run free | by carboxylics for erasehun | Sehun/Kai • 2,176 • PG
when sehun decided to let the drunkard in to avoid being kicked out, he had no idea that he would also be letting him into his life and his heart.


#29. Clumsy Tongues | by unit94 for lightbrakes | Sehun/Kai • 4,172 • NC-17
This is how you measure a year in a camera flash.

#30. steal away | by madhardcandy for unfinishedwing | Sehun/Tao • 12,700 • R
Partners in crime AU; Tao and Sehun are a new thing. They also steal things and date each other on the side.

#31. To Hell and Back | by chenshines for baeksthighs | Sehun/Kai • 9,117 • PG
Jongin finds himself his favorite little demon.

#32. One Thousand Paper Cranes | by lightbrakes for mangialots | Sehun/Kai • 11, 650 • PG-13
“If I can fold a thousand paper cranes, will my wish come true?”


#33. If Only Just For Now | by fallentoofast for carboxylics | Sehun/Baekhyun • 7,355 • PG-13
There’s a warm feeling in Sehun’s chest that only grows as each day passes. The stage is illuminated and gently his voice sings. Winter is coming to an end as flowers in Spring bloom.

#34. Escape Speed | by miuyi for theforgettable | Sehun/Kai • 28,885 • R
Sehun dreams of darkness, of fire, of bodies that break and stars that last forever.

#35. dreams don’t happen when you’re asleep (they happen when you’re awake) | by aprilclash for januarys_lovers | Sehun/Jongdae • 91,340 • PG-13
Sehun trips into Jongdae’s dream and everything changes.

DAY 10

#36. Bloom | by zeraiya for wufall | Sehun/Suho • 6,963 • PG-13
When Sehun looks at people he sees a flower, but when Sehun looks at him he sees the meadow.

#37. Irrational Thoughts and Beating Hearts | by fallentoofast for nachtegael | Sehun/Tao • 5,717 • PG-13
University is considered, to many, one of the best times in someone’s life. Sehun manages to find a best friend as well as someone a little more, who succeeds in making his heart beat a little too quickly. Hormones run wild, queue the unrivalled stubbornness of barely grown adults and love interests.

#38. obsession | by xiukisses for fairyminseok | Sehun/Xiumin • 30,744 • NC-17
There’s nothing Sehun wants more than to become a vampire.

#39. stop and stare | by eberlue for EVERYONE | Sehun/Luhan • 11,341 • PG-13
For one second, he's back six years and Lu Han is in front of him with his hand outstretched.

#40. I Want to Find You, Tear Out All Your Tenderness | by latinaeinstein for madhardcandy | Sehun/Suho/Tao • 52,700 • NC-17
“Little Red Riding Hood,” he croons. “You’re the most awful temptation for a big bad wolf.”

#41. We Fall Out Of Line | by ceruleanquill for miuyi | Sehun/Kai • 53,005 • R
“What’s one more leap of faith to cap the day?”

DAY 11

#42. There's Blood on My Hands | by pterparker for xiukisses | Sehun/Xiumin • 3,852 • NC-17
It begins when he tastes lust, coffee rich in the air. It ends when he tastes love, cinnamon and vanilla in the air.

#43. up & down(e) | by blowshard for EVERYONE | Sehun/Sehun • 4,008 • NC-17
Sometimes even up and coming advertising hotshots need a little self-love.

#44. i've got nine tails, and the middle one's for you | by legozai for aprilclash | Sehun/Chen • 13,125 • NC-17
Sehun was sent back to save the earth but maybe he's the one who needs saving.

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